Topic of the Offery

10 10 2008

This is a slightly off topic post about one of my other loves in life, gaming.  I play primarily on my Xbox 360 because my Mac Mini isn’t what you would call a high power gaming machine.  So this month we see the release of a LOT of great games.  Too much for my poor pocketbook to handle, and for most of my friends.  More after the bump.

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I: On Robotics and Cooking

1 10 2008

I like to equate projects (be they robotics, lawn work, or woodworking) to cooking.  You take a bunch of things that are pretty interesting, and combine them into a cohesive unit to do things that the constituent parts cannot accomplish.  In cooking this is done by combining flavors and spices and such to create a dish truly your own (Mom’s Tuna Casserole for one, I still can’t recreate it right).  In woodworking it’s done by knowing the properties of the wood(s) you are using, and having a bunch of liquid nails and screws to make it into something cool (Grandpa’s Boxes of Days Past).  In robotics, it is just as true.  A servo is cool, so is an LED, and sure you can apply power to an LED and sure as the sun’s rising, it lights up.  But what if you want it to do cool things? Like blink in a pattern? Then you add in an Intelligence Circuit, and if you are truly cool then you would use something like a Programmable Intelligence Circuit.

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Historical Footnotes

29 09 2008

Ok then, to give the background on me and robotics, here is a convenient flashback!

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28 09 2008

My name is Bryce.  I have many hobby’s, but Robotics is my newest (and oldest, but more on that later) one.  I will be documenting all of my robotical related adventures here, because I can.  Also, if you are interested in robotics as a home hobbyist (especially if you have a limited cash flow, but even if you are Bill Gates Rich) then be sure to check out Let’s Make Robots! which is a great resource for all robotic hobbyists.

I will be putting details up later, as it is time for me to go to work.